We love helping others win. Could be a startup solopreneur looking for help taking their business to the market... A global brand seeking a way to take their sales team to the next level... Or someone looking for a speaker at their next event. We can help.

The most significant project was where Joe stepped in and helped transform the way I think about sales in my own business, and the result has been nothing short of phenomenal. Despite the difficult times we're in, I now have a pipeline that is healthy I have a process for acquiring customers that I am proud of, instead of feeling needy.

Marc Stoiber, Brand Strategist,

Dressed in lederhosen at MERCKs global sales conference as a trainer and keynote speaker

"We needed a system and a strategy for our sales team and I am only one person juggling all the projects trying to make it happen. Joe helped me simplify and create the tools so our team can focus on selling. We keep finding new ways to work with him."

- Kendall Rawls, Rawls Group Business Succession Planners

"Before working with Joe, I was doing 70-100 calls a day and doing $20K per month. Once I started developing my contact strategy and focusing on pre-call planning, I relaxed more when talking to customers. I'm now doing 30-40 calls and generating $80K to $100K per month."

- Tim Vickers, Business Development Manager, VP Logistics
Stephanie Deakin, President

Joe Girard delivered the keynote address at our 2016 conference, in front of approximately 150 solopreneurs and small business owners. He was hands-down the most popular keynote we’ve ever had. His presentation material and style were dynamic, unique and refreshing. Joe took the time to learn about our association and industry, so his presentation was tailored and relevant. Comments from attendees included “I couldn’t wait to get home and start practicing the techniques” and “I didn’t think I had anything to learn about selling, but I learned a lot”. Our whole group was fired up and inspired, and the conversations continued long after the presentation was over.

Stephanie Deakin, President, Professional Organizers in Canada

"I ROI'd my investment with Joe within a week. He helped me get more of a data based approach with structure. I had previously been working off intuition and thought that was the only option.

Joe is like a sales scientist."

Phil Hall, High Ticket Sales Manager, High End Client Program
Chantelle Pasychny, Owner

Change Grow Achieve was well received by my staff and provided excellent and professional training. Our staff commented on how the training changed their mindset and customer service delivery with more focus in providing higher level service offerings.

Working personally one-on-one with Change Grow Achieve allowed me to refine and develop my confidence in increasing my prices for services. I frequently consulted with Joe on many aspects of the business and it saved me money, time, and hassle. Our work with Change Grow Achieve has been one of the most profitable and successful business relationships I have enjoyed.

Chantelle Pasychny, Owner, Design House Salons

We run high-ticket sales teams and needed coaching as owners. We believe every owner should have a coach, and Joe has great wealth of strategy AND tactics. We have come to Joe with every serious business challenge - from sales comp plans to motivating our teams. When you have to select those CEO-projects, Joe can help you stay focused on revenue-generating activities. It's a different experience.

Jason Kanigan, Co-Founder, The Closing Engine

I bombed my first webinar. It wasn't bad from a content or delivery perspective, it's was bad from a "what was the point of that?" perspective. The turnout was great, interaction was good, material was pretty awesome (if I can say so myself). But we didn't gain even ONE SINGLE new client!! So before my next webinar I had a conversation with Joe, he said exactly what anyone who's worked with him for even 5 minutes would expect him to say "don't be a salesy weirdo". Fast forward a bit, we just wrapped up a 21 day Facebook challenge and I kept Joe's advice in mind the whole time. It's still too early to calculate the promotion's success but all signs are pointing towards a big WIN!

Lindsay Plumb, Owner, Moola Financial Coaches

“I have been in sales for the past 15 years and have seen many sales trainers, but none like Joe Girard. His passion and genuine care for his clients is like no other. After hearing Joe speak, I was able to take his suggestions and immediately implement them. Joe’s passion is complemented by his personable and friendly approach and this combination is what makes his sessions so successful and effective. I would highly recommend Joe and look forward to working with him again.”

Matt Peulen, Vice President of Development , Metropolitan Capital Partners

Joe's training helped me better understand how to build insights, frame sales conversations better, and to remember how to always be adding value. I'm going to be doing much more preparation in my work from now on as well.

Mike, Sales, Wolters Kluwer

It’s important for me to acknowledge that you have honed your expertise to a point where there isn’t a circumstance that I would ever NOT recommend you, your work, and moreover your passionate and learned approach to “selling”…Not to blow sand up your kilt, but man – you not only know exactly what you’re talking about, but you provide the most valuable insight into all aspects of the “buying” process – which, after all, is the REAL way to sell anything ALL the time!

Peter Miles, Sales and Marketing Executives of Victoria
Dianne Girard

Joe is a good boy.

Dianne Girard, Joe's Mom
Kelly Darwin, Owner

I first met Joe when I signed up for a workshop he was offering to Chamber of Commerce members. We spent considerable time on determining what our customer segments are, which ones we should be pursuing and which ones we shouldn’t.  This was something I had never done in my ten years of being business for myself and the results were surprising. I quickly realized I was spending too much time on the wrong clients.  I attribute the growth of our business to several different things including taking a more active role in networking groups and joining a number of different business groups. All of that came directly from the work we did with Joe.  Joe helped us define who our perfect client was and how to find them and that is what we've been doing ever since, and it has worked.

I highly recommend Joe Girard, I consider the sessions and the time we spent with him our “Secret to Success”.

Kelly Darwin, Owner, Seriously Creative


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