Even high performers struggle with selling in today's market. Customers are overwhelmed, over-marketed to, & over-sold to. They're tired. But it doesn't mean they're not buying. In this training we did for a group of financial industry experts at their annual conference, we dive into the psychology of selling, how change works, and building a solid conversation roadmap.


If you've already been growing your business, have a team in place, or are just looking for an edge, it's a perfect time for us to look at how you can create the systems to take it to the next level. Let's take a look and see what's possible for you.


NOTE: If you are looking for the resources mentioned in the video, scroll to the bottom of the page or click here.

Our Sales Coaching and Consulting was designed with you in mind.

We've been helping our one-on-one consulting & coaching clients build their sales playbooks, uncovering the pieces of their processes that are the 80/20 magic. We work with you to determine the biggest impact in the first month of our work with and create a program to help you win right away.

We help sales leaders build a solid foundation to authentically get the most out of their teams by setting you up for success. Today and long term.

  • Build emails that capture your prospect's attention and GET RESPONSES
  • Use a CONVERSATION ROADMAP that flows & influences action (no scripts!)
  • Map your sales process around REPEATABLE customer stages
  • Learn how to master PRE-CALL PLANNING to increase your connection rate
  • Position your brand & offer to FOCUS ON VALUE rather than features
  • SELL YOU: Build a powerful and chasable personal brand
  • Use your systems and REPORTS as meaningful ways to identify opportunities
  • And more...

Are you right for us as a potential client?

If you've been looking for a way to get sales results consistently and to have the right repeatable systems and processes in place, our coaching is for you. Whether you're a business owner trying to sell more effectively, building or growing a sales team, or are ready to scale your results, it's time you have your own playbook. Let's get to work.

  • You value your customers and want to genuinely help serve them
  • You have a great offer and know more people should buy from you
  • If you just had the right processes, you could scale your results much faster
  • You're coachable and FUN
  • You don't want to come across as a "salesy weirdo" to your customers or...anyone
  • You're tired "pitching" and trying to convince people to buy. It feels icky
  • You don't have a formal sales process in place that you can repeat or learn from
  • You don't make excuses

Are we the right ones to help you win?

Hey, I'm Joe and I'm solely focused on helping you and your teams win. I've been coaching and consulting companies all over the world and have done speaking for a number of global brands at their sales conferences. I work every day with clients in the trenches, coaching them face to face and online. Everyone can get better at selling.

I've been at this for almost two decades still just scratching the surface of what makes people tick, how to deal with the changing nature of customers, & sales in this increasingly complex digital age. The past few years I've focused on helping my clients build playbooks and conversation roadmaps.

All without having to be a "Salesy Weirdo."

I want to help you win at selling and feel good about helping more of your customers. If you you're looking for a "crush it, kill it, close it, hustle harder" kinda sales guy, you're in the wrong place. I'm sick of that "sales bro" mentality. If you know you can do more and want to level up, let's do this. Together. My goal is to help you simplify selling and have fun. 

I'm just looking for cool clients and cool projects. Simple.

Watch the video above to see an example of working with clients

Some people we've helped build playbooks with already:

Here's some examples of what you'll could be implementing when we work together. 

  • Increase your customer response rates and write better emails

    Be more excited when doing your outreach. Whether you are trying to book more calls or increase response rates on your emails, you have to follow some powerful principles to catch a prospect’s attention and get them to take action. We help you define a clear, repeatable contact strategy so you can get to work. We have templates and also examples of BAD emails to help you avoid those landmines.

  • Get more customers to say yes by using a conversation roadmap

    Feel more confident going into any sales situation by having a plan. Based on years of application, psychology principles, and real-world results, you will be able to know how to better open a conversation, control the flow, present the right offer at the right time, and get them to take action. We will help you define the power questions and insights for your ideal clients that will have them excited to move forward. We can also look at your existing scripts and listen to your call recordings to help quickly find tweaks.

  • Build a sales process that offers value at every stage

    Breathe easier as you will have a series of steps to follow that move your customers through your sales process. Focus on the activities that actually drive results and discover where you need to improve. We will help you move customers to next steps and simplify the amount of chasing you or your teams need to do. Be the ones your customers want to talk to.

  • Prepare to win using sales pre-call planning

    Be 100% sure & set yourself up from the start. Most of your success will come from how well you prepare for your customer. What value is most important to them? How can you make them think differently about themselves? This is one area most people get wrong or miss altogether. We will work with you to clearly and simply define your ideal clients so that you connect with them instantly.

  • Get good at selling value, not the product when presenting your offer

    When your customers eyes light up, it’s not because of cool features you just listed. It’s because you connected your product to their needs, & often to their emotions. Learn the secrets of how to position your offer so they “get it” right away, pricing psychology, and even use our offer templates. We will help you make sure you that your offer speaks the right language at the right time.

  • Refine your own personal brand and sell YOU

    Feel powerful knowing that your reputation enters the room before you do. We love to work with you and your team on mindset and influence. The key to selling comes down whether the customer know, likes, and trusts you. You will explore what makes you unique, how to convey it authentically, and attract clients to you. With sales teams, this is a big win as your customers want to connect with real people. We’ll pull out the power of individuals within the brand.

  • Refine your own personal brand and sell YOU

    Feel powerful knowing that your reputation enters the room before you do. The key to selling comes down whether the customer know, likes, and trusts you. You will explore what makes you unique, how to convey it authentically, and attract clients to you. With sales teams, this is a big win as your customers want to connect with real people. We wil pull out the power of individuals within the brand.

  • And more...

    There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to sales coaching. So there are a number of other topics we may dive into, depending on your needs. This is why, it’s important to book a strategy session, look at what you’re currently doing, where you’d like to go, and map out a plan to get you there. Hopefully, it’s with us. At the very least, you will get clarity. Everybody wins.


Real success stories, from real clients

We run high-ticket sales teams and needed coaching as owners. We believe every owner should have a coach, and Joe has great wealth of strategy AND tactics. We have come to Joe with every serious business challenge - from sales comp plans to motivating our teams. When you have to select those CEO-projects, Joe can help you stay focused on revenue-generating activities. It's a different experience.

Jason Kanigan, Co-Founder, The Closing Engine

Here's how we typically work with you as a client

We've been having fun coaching clients online for many years making it easy for our clients to access us and build their systems when they need it. We've taken everything we know about adult education, sales, coaching, and consulting online and we've worked to find meaningful processes for you and your teams. The goal is to help you make the most of our work together, go out to apply the knowledge, and build your skills quickly. To do that, we will utilize our best tools, have developed the right resources, and work you through proven processes to get you results.

However, to make this work, you need to commit to it 100% and be willing to take action. Are you willing to do the hard work to make it look easy? To go sell on purpose and not be an order taker? You in?

We also can do a combination of online or face to face workshops, depending on what will make the right impact for your business. Hence, let's book a strategy call.


  • Online Individual or Group Meetings

    Typically, each week, we will coach you through sessions online using Zoom and help tackle your biggest sales challenges. We will do live document creation, role plays, and process building so that you can go away and apply your skills over the coming days.

  • Access to Private Group Google Drive

    We want to help you build your sales assets. You will get access to all the materials we develop for life. Each meeting will be recorded and uploaded for you to view later or anytime you like. Documents and resources will be loaded as needed, & you will even be able to load your own materials to collaborate on or ask for feedback such as scripts or call recordings.

  • Proven Guides, Processes, & Checklists

    We will provide templates and other materials to help you get your processes in place as quickly as possible. From sales call reviews to done-for-you emails, we will make sure you are equipped to sell. Need a proposal or offer template? We got that too.

  • Connections to Our Network and Other Services

    Over the years, we’ve developed a solid network of professionals who can jump in and help with a number of specific challenges. This way, we can tackle anything that’s thrown at us. We like to actively make introductions and help you grow you business.

  • Priority Email Support and Reviews

    When questions or challenges arise, we are here to make sure you don’t have to stall. We typically respond within 24 hours, and often right away. Especially if you are trying to make a sale, we will jump in as quick as possible to help. Basically, we got your back. Often, a quick ten minute video chat could help you make that sale.

  • Access to our Resource Library

    Over the past twenty years, our coaches and clients have been gathering and sharing countless resources to help themselves get an edge. As part of our work together, you’ll get access to their best resources in our ever-updating library.

  • Emergency SOS Sales Help via Text or Facebook Messaging

    We know there may be a time where you have a quick question or are about to close a sale & need last minute help. We want to help you be at the speed of business, so we either respond or call you right away. Of course, within reason!


If you've read this far, it's time to act. We know sales. We know salespeople. And I'm happy to share with you what's possible over a quick call to look at your world. I bet I can find a few tweaks you could apply immediately.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.Why are you qualified to do this?

    A.Joe has been selling for almost twenty years and has coached hundreds of people to be the best versions of themselves, rather than weirdos. He does it every day with clients all over the world and has a track record to prove it. He’s a sought after keynote speaker as well. The team behind him has been hand-picked because of their ability to also go out and kickass while still being authentic and amazing.

    You can learn more about Joe through,, or Sales Hero Academy.

  • Q.Do you guarantee results?

    A.We are responsible TO you, not FOR you. We can’t make promises you will make money. No one can. What we can tell you is that, if you apply these skills, commit to taking action, and are coachable, you will set yourself up to win. If you give us 100%, we will match that effort and help you rock it.

    We are 100% committed to helping you achieve your goals.

    (You can see a list of clients on our page here as well)

  • Q.What if I've never sold before?

    A.We are ultimately looking for participants who are actively in their business so we can tackle their real-world challenges and processes. The perfect client is either a solopreneur trying to scale their efforts (perhaps adding a sales rep or team) or a company who has grow their business and now wants to solidify their sales systems and processes. We are not looking for newbies. However, book the strategy call and we can discuss.

  • Q.Do you work only with specific types of businesses?

    A.One thing I’ve learned over the years is that, no matter what the business is, it all comes down to people. We have helped B2C, B2B, and B2G create repeatable best practices. We’ve done everything from retail to high ticket, long cycle sales. The goal is to help your specific business find an edge.

  • Q.What if I have a large team that wants to attend the sessions?

    A.We love teams! We can discuss this during the application and strategy process. Depending on the size and structure of the team, we can make it work – we just want to make sure that all group members are able to participate. The more, the merrier.

  • Q.Do you do workshops or travel to speak?

    A.Of course I do! I travel globally speaking at events and conferences, as well as LOVE to visit my clients where they live. Depending on what you need, the size of the team, and your budget (of course), anything is possible. My favorite experience was travelling to Warsaw and Berlin to speak at Merck’s international sales conference. (I even got to wear Lederhosen!)

Dressed in lederhosen at MERCKs global sales conference as a trainer and keynote speaker


Here are some of the resources mentioned in the video

We have TONS of content we're happy to share with you.  Content is not what matters...It's what you do with it that counts. So no matter what stage you're at, we probably have a tool that will help. Which is why we're happy giving away pretty much any of this stuff for free.

If you want to speed this up and get real results, then it's time to book a strategy call and we can help you set all this up quickly. So you can focus on your business, growing your team, and serving your clients.

Matt Peulen

I have been in sales for the past 15 years and have seen many sales trainers, but none like Joe Girard. His passion and genuine care for his clients is like no other. After hearing Joe speak, I was able to take his suggestions and immediately implement them.

Matt Peulen, Vice President of Development , Metropolitan Capital Partners
Chantelle Pasychny

Working personally one-on-one with Change Grow Achieve allowed me to refine and develop my confidence in increasing my prices for services. I frequently consulted with Joe on many aspects of the business and it saved me money, time, and hassle. Our work with Change Grow Achieve has been one of the most profitable and successful business relationships I have enjoyed.

Chantelle Pasychny, Owner, Design House Salons