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Sales Coaching for High Performers

It's time to take your sales process to the next level and uncover the true possibility in your teams and your organization. In a non-weird, human way.

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[FREE TRAINING] 3 Keys to High Performing Sales Teams

If you've already done well selling and now need to build repeatable systems, this training video is for you. We're going to talk about the 80/20 rule and the systems you should put in place to ramp up your existing sales process, onboard new team members, and scale your business...predictably.

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There is no one-size-fits-all solution

We don't pre-prescribe solutions because we know your business is different. There are no shortages of 10 step programs out there (we know them all) that claim to be the best. What we do is look at your existing business and help you do more of what's working, less of what's not, and provide the best solutions to help you grow. With decades of experience in many industries, we can always bring a fresh perspective to even your toughest challenges.

We will help you explore and implement the best systems, processes, and messaging that are right for you.

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  • Joe set us up for success. He helped us develop a complete sales system from basically scratch, covering everything from the prospecting phase through to closure. Joe’s advice was instrumental in landing our first WaterWorth® sale and we are now up to 20 customers and counting across eight states. We’ve fully documented the process in a sales handbook, and are about to hire a Sales Development Representative so we can start to scale up. Joe has a contagious enthusiasm for what he does. Even staff that are not part of the sales team get excited when I announce that he's coming in, because he brings such terrific energy into the office. We really consider him a part of our team, and he has been critical in taking our business to the next level.
    Kirk Stinchcombe, Co-Founder, Econics
  • Visualpak logistics
    The number one reason why I decided to go with you was your energy, passion, and knowledge of sales as a whole. Plus, you bring fresh ideas to a tough industry such as sales. You have a great story to tell and people will listen and I especially like how you make VP Logistics feel like we are your most important client.
    Sean Cumbee, Owner, Visualpak Logistics
  • I quickly realized I was spending too much time on the wrong clients. Joe helped us define who our perfect client was and how to find them and that is what we've been doing ever since, and it has worked. I highly recommend Joe Girard, I consider the sessions and the time we spent with him our “Secret to Success”.
    Kelly Darwin, Owner, Seriously Creative
  • “I have been in sales for the past 15 years and have seen many sales trainers, but none like Joe Girard. His passion and genuine care for his clients is like no other. After hearing Joe speak, I was able to take his suggestions and immediately implement them. I would highly recommend Joe and look forward to working with him again.”
    Matt Peulen, VP Development, Metropolitan Capital Partners
  • "I bombed my first webinar. So before my next webinar I had a conversation with Joe, he said exactly what anyone who's worked with him for even 5 minutes would expect him to say "don't be a salesy weirdo". Fast forward a bit, we just wrapped up a 21 day Facebook challenge and I kept Joe's advice in mind the whole time. All signs are pointing towards a big WIN!"
    Lindsay Plumb, Moolah Financial Coaches
  • Working personally one-on-one with Change Grow Achieve allowed me to refine and develop my confidence in increasing my prices for services. I frequently consulted with Joe on many aspects of the business and it saved me money, time, and hassle. Our work with Change Grow Achieve has been one of the most profitable and successful business relationships I have enjoyed.
    Chantelle Paschyny, Design House Salon
  • I didn't even have my business fully launched and I was terrified of making sales calls. Working with Joe even in the first month, shifted my fear and allowed me to get excited about reaching out to potential customers. I don't know when, if ever, I would have been able to grow my business this fast. If I didn't do this, I would have been just like all the other coaches out there struggling to find clients.
    Codie McQuay, Immanence Coaching
  • We constantly work on mindset with our clients and help them break through barriers, but when it comes to sales, Joe and his team absolutely CRUSH it helping people with a deep understanding of psychology, process and...well...mindset. If you haven't worked with Joe, you are missing out!
    Andy Murphy, Mindset by Design

Are you being a Salesy Weirdo?

Too often, the biggest challenge people have growing their business is that they try too hard to sell. They may be overly enthusiastic, unnecessarily formal, or simply too worried about themselves.

We help you get back to being a sales human and connect with your customers in an authentic, yet effective way.